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Are you stuck spinning your wheels using the same tactics, technology and marketing plans as everyone else?

Looking for a low tech easily implementable way to become recognized as an expert while also making high ticket sales?

Ready to unlock the # 1 way to grow your business for free?

Then circle April 22-23-24 on your calendar because for those 3 days The World’s # 1 Speaker Trainer Suzanne Evans will be teaching a

3 Stage Selling Success Bootcamp which you can attend 100% FREE!

3 Stage Selling Success Bootcamp which you can
attend 100% FREE!

On this 3-day

value packed event

you’ll discover how to captivate any audience online or off, get a simple framework asking your audience to take action, and learn how to use stories to do your selling for you!

And I’ll give you my proven email templates that I have used to book OVER 2000 speaking gigs in the last decade.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of

What You’ll Learn Each Day:


How To Turn Captivation Into Cash!

If you’re reading this chances are people have already told you that you’re fascinating, a great speaker and should get your story out!

But it’s not enough to just be a CAPTIVATING speaker, you have to understand how to turn that captivation into cash without being sleazy, pushy or weird.

Which is what you’re going to be learning on Day 1 of the Stage Selling Success bootcamp.

Suzanne is going to teach you how to grab ANY audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds of your speech using her patented “Whiplash” technique.

You’ll also learn how to channel your naturally captivating personality into a simple structure for sales success from the stage.

And that’s JUST day 1!


The Art Of The Ask

Day 2 is all about setting up your close by learning how to ask your audience to take action the RIGHT way!

No one likes being pressured, so you’ll discover how to easily motivate your audience, get them to start saying yes, and frame your offer so that it ONLY makes sense to work with you.

If you struggle with assertiveness, or asking your audience to give you contact information, set up a call or make a purchase…Day 2 is going to change everything about how you do business by giving you an easy low pressure framework for getting your audience to say yes over and over again.


Story Selling

Finally on Day 3 we’ll get to how to make high ticket sales from the stage!

Without being pushy, salesy or unauthentic.


By using stories from your real life and business that do the persuading for you.

You’ll never again have to worry about “when to close” or “what to say” when you have stories that do the selling for you.

And you’ll leave with Suzanne’s PROVEN email and phone templates for getting your first or next speaking gig!

By The End Of The Challenge

You Will Have:

The bottom line is: The old ways of doing business online don’t work anymore!

And selling from the stage is the easiest, least expensive, fastest way to start generating leads, growing your reputation and making sales!


suzanne evans

Suzanne Evans is a NY Times best selling author and the only female business coach to make the INC 500/5000 for five consecutive years in a row. Her company, Driven Inc, and its clients have closed over 200 million dollars from the stage. Teaching business owners to simplify their marketing and use speaking for 6 and 7 figure pay days is her super power.

She uses stages to give her the freedom and flexibility to homeschool her six year old son, work part time in the summer from her home in Maine, and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes around education and women.

Suzanne’s 3 day events usually cost AT LEAST $997 but because of the current economy Suzanne is hosting this 3-day value packed event absolutely free!

Don’t miss out on your chance to get thousands of dollars of world class speaker training for free by joining the challenge today!

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