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Here are guidelines for how to show up and make the most of this training while respecting your fellow attendees’ time and effort.


Be sure to turn on your webcam during this event so the speakers and other participants will be able to see you. For me, I like being able to put a name to a face (even if it’s virtual). And something to keep in mind, this is a GREAT opportunity to network with your fellow attendees.

If you need to turn your webcam off anytime during the event, that’s okay too. Please be aware of your surroundings. For example, if you need to use the restroom, tend to the kiddos, or jump up during the live sessions, and you take your computer with you so you can still hear us, be sure to turn off your audio and video.


Really listen to the content: being present and tuned-in is how you take full advantage of this event. Focus on taking only the most relevant notes, keep your phones on “do not disturb”, and turn your email notifications off to minimize distractions.


Keep your workspace tidy and comfortable. Have a favorite notebook and pen handy to capture important information. Be sure to keep a water bottle nearby to stay hydrated!


Suzanne Evans is a NY Times Best Selling Author and the only female business coach to make the INC 500/5000 for five consecutive years in a row. Her company, Driven Inc, and its clients have closed over $200 million dollars from the stage. Teaching businesses owners to simplify their marketing and use speaking for 6 and 7 figure pay days is her super power.

She uses stages to give her the freedom and flexibility to homeschool her six year old son, work part time in the summer from her home in Maine, and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes around education and women.

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