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2-Day Virtual Event
June 5th - 6th

From Dream To Reality…

Jumpstart Your

Speaking Success Story

With a Two Day Private Mastermind!

Join inspiring speakers like Oprah, Russell Brunson, and Brene Brown, by tapping into the power of speaking to grow your business!

Discover Your Personal Speaker Goldmine &

Turn Your Words Into A 7-Figure Business!

At Inspired Speaker LIVE, you will embark on a transformative journey where your personal story becomes the key to unlocking a 7-figure speaking business.

No more feeling inauthentic, using sleazy sales tactics or doing the same marketing as everyone else in your industry!

Your uniqueness is your superpower!

At ISL we’ll help you tap into it allowing you to break through income barriers, achieve financial freedom, and elevate your business through the powerful art of speaking.

All by being MORE authentically yourself.

Join us for exclusive insights and a unique, life-changing experience!




Emerge as THE Thought Leader in Your Niche in The Next 30 Days!

The key to commanding high fees and attracting lucrative speaking opportunities is positioning yourself as THE thought leader in your niche. Think Rusell Brunson for funnels, or Marie Forleo for creative entrepreneurism. At Inspired Speaker Live you’ll get a tangible, actionable plan for becoming the go to thought leader in your niche in the next 30 days! No generic advice about posting every day or making content that’s 10 times better. You’ll learn what you need to do, and say to quickly rise to niche fame and start making the money that comes with it.


Create Your Irresistible Signature Talk:

Your signature talk is the power source that is going to drive you to 6 and even 7-figures in your business. Everything starts with your signature talk. At Inspired Speaker Live you’ll take your signature talk from the seed of an idea into a fully fleshed out speech approved by Suzanne and her coaches. Once you have your signature talk, everything will change for your business, almost overnight!


Develop A Personal Brand That Sells For You:

In today’s online world your personal brand has to do MORE than just tell people who you are and what you do. Which is why at Inspired Speaker Live you’ll be learning how to leverage social media, content marketing, and strategic collaborations to amplify your reach and attract high-paying clients. You won’t just build a personal brand that looks pretty on a website, you’ll build a brand that conveys authority, trust and of course high prices.


Grow Your Money Mountain With 5 PROVEN 6 Figure Strategies!

Speaking gigs open the door to fantastic financial success, but why stop there? Discover how to create 5 NEW proven income streams that match your speaking journey. Write a best-selling book, create online courses or coaching programs, or turn your expertise into consulting or licensing deals. With these proven strategies the only limit is your imagination.


Fill Your Programs and Sell Out EVERY Time

Say goodbye to 1 person coaching programs, and product launch flops forever when you attend Inspired Speaker Live. Inspiring your prospects is the key to turning bored audiences into rabid buyers, and you’ll learn how to go from speaking to selling seamlessly.


Step By Step Scaling Secrets to 6-Figures and Beyond!

As your speaking career takes off you’ll need to develop systems, teams and processes to create a consistent sustainable business. At Inspired Speaker Live you’ll get real world step by step advice for growing your business every step of the way. No more confusion, outdated business models or doing the same thing as everyone else.


Suzanne Evans is a NY Times best selling author and the only female business coach to make the INC 500/5000 for five consecutive years in a row. Her company, Driven Inc, and its clients have closed over 200 million dollars from the stage. Teaching business owners to simplify their marketing and use speaking for 6 and 7 figure pay days is her super power.

She uses stages to give her the freedom and flexibility to homeschool her six year old son, work part time in the summer from her home in Maine, and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes around education and women.


Make the Decision To Become

An Inspiring Speaker Today!

Say Yes To Your Dreams of Financial Freedom

Inspired Speaker Live is the solution to ALL your business building problems!

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You Will:

Unleash the Power of Your Voice to Achieve Financial Freedom and Live Your Seven-Figure Dream!

Join us June 5th – 6th for Inspired Speaker Live and stop putting your dreams on hold!

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