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…WITHOUT Complicated Marketing Strategies, Confusing Tech, and Sales Skills!

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next step should be?

If you’re furiously nodding your head to any of the questions above, then I want to help you with that next step.

Let me ask another question:
what could you do that would answer all those questions
(plus more)?

The answer is SPEAKING.

Think of Every Industry Leader You Know of and They All Have One Thing In Common: They Speak!

Here’s the truth:

So if you’ve been struggling with getting started…

You’ve been hustling and grinding but there’s been no changes…

Then everything I’m about to share is FOR YOU!

If speaking is something you’ve been considering, or you’ve just barely dipped your toes in the water…

I’m here to not only share this secret to success, financial freedom, and true impact…

But to release you forever from constant self-doubt and fear of the unknown.

Because you deserve to have knowledge that elevates you to live with financial security for the rest of your life.

15 Years Ago,

I Was A #Broke Secretary

I was making barely $50k a year.

I was smart.

I was determined.

I was hustling every chance I had.

Yet, I barely made a couple thousand that entire year.

It wasn’t until I fully committed to speaking, whenever and wherever, did I truly start to see results.

Over 15 years I’ve gone from #broke to #legitboss, and speaking is how I’ve consistently hit all my personal, professional, and financial goals.

And the secret? Getting over yourself.

Caught you off guard there?

What I mean is that there’s no space too good for you. There’s nothing embarrassing about getting in front of the audience that’s been looking for YOU.

Whether it’s a Facebook live, your local farmer’s market, the therapist’s office down the street, a convention three cities over, you can turn any space into your stage.

If I can set up a folding table between the bananas and tomatoes in the local Whole Foods, then I promise you can do it too. An audience of one or two people is still an audience.

And the audience can only grow from there. When an extra couple thousand a year felt like a lot… wait until you hit your first $10k, then first $100k…

And I did all while working mostly “normal” business hours. All while homeschooling my son.

I have helped my clients create amazing incomes by selling from ANY stage. But most importantly, I have helped people reach more people, inspire people, and touch people’s hearts and lives!

Thousands Of Lives Changed

Here are just a few of their stories:

From struggling school teacher to planning a dream wedding in Iceland

From barely making ends meet to earning $80k in just one night

From a $50K a year secretary to 7-figure business owner, wife, and mother (that’s me!)

And it could be you next…

Because sometimes all it takes is that one piece of advice, that eye-opener of a tactic, to get someone from feeling lost in the dark to lighting up the entire room (or stage!)

Let me get this party started for you…

There are money-making opportunities you’ve overlooked before..

Let me show you how to find them.

Don’t keep being invisible – the world needs you!

And second, by showing you my step-by-step method that lets you create consistent profit

How? By building a loyal client base

And doing it WITHOUT

It doesn’t need to be complex.

It doesn’t need to be a constant struggle.

It just needs to work for YOU.

And when you’ve got a consistent cash flow… put it right back into your business!

Are You Ready To Take
The Road Less Followed?

Join Me LIVE From Any Device For 2 Days Of Training

When: July 26th-27th

Where: 100% Online

Join me for 2 days of virtual training.

At my next Inspired Speaker Live.

You won’t need to book flights, hotels, or rental cars.

This is a 100% online event.

At Inspired Speaker Live, I'll spend 2 days walking you through the steps of creating a business that will have everyone saying YES to you.

Learn to captivate your audience!

Set your goals with intention

Become a #Boss

Even better, I’ll be coaching you to TAKE ACTION with LIVE TRAINING with me… and give you some homework you can start ASAP.

So by the time the event is over, you’ll be well on your way to booking that first speaking gig.

It used to cost $3,591 to be trained "in person."

Today, your virtual ticket is just $49

Plus, I'll GIFT YOU the home study program: The Speaking Solution
(an additional $3,000 value) - FREE!

Before a certain pandemic hit, I used to charge $3,591 to train in-person.

And, sure, that sounds expensive.

But I needed to cover the costs of hotel ballrooms, pay travel expenses for my team, etc etc

Now, THAT was expensive.

And since then, I've realized that “virtual workshops” can pass on that same info for LESS.

Which means I'm able to offer you a TICKET to my next Inspired Speaker Live today for just $49.

Make the Decision Today:

Say Yes to Financial Freedom

If you’re looking to kick money worries to the curb, this is for you.

Our promise to you is this:



​If after 2 days of the Inspired Speaker Live Training you aren’t fired up and ready to run out to book your next speaking gig.

And you don't feel it was worth the effort

Then contact me at within 72 hours of the event close, and say “This wasn’t for me”

We'll not only give you a FULL REFUND of your $49.

I'll also send you a $5 Starbucks Gift Card.

And buy you a COFFEE!

As my way of saying THANKS for your time.

It's Time To Finally Make An Investment that COUNTS

Claim Your Step-by-Step Method To Financial Freedom Now!

Remember, your virtual ticket is just $49

Plus, I'll GIFT YOU The Speaking Solution Home Study Program
(an additional $3,000 value) - FREE!

I provide support, consulting, and business development skills to the over 30,000 entrepreneurs enrolled in my wealth and business-building programs.

And oh yeah, my company is making 7 figures now. You can have a life, handle pressure better, and step-up to building a meaningful business.

Since starting my business as a coach 15 years ago, I’ve:

Sign up for Inspired Speaker Live and let me show you how to create the business and life you desire.

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