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Discover How To Start Speaking in 5 Simple Steps.

Are you a driven entrepreneur stuck in the cycle of overthinking?

Are you unsure of how to take your message to the masses?

Looking for a way to combat ever evolving technology like ChatGPT, social media company’s ever changing rules, and the inflating costs of running a business online?

There is a solution...


And more importantly SELLING from the stage!

But how do you get started?


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your ticket to the stage, minus the social media stress, tech headaches, and hefty expenses.

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You'll Discover:

The Power of Becoming a Story Seller:

See how to leverage storytelling to captivate any audience and establish yourself as an authority worth listening to in the first 30 seconds of any speech.

The Framework of a Killer 60-Minute Talk:

Get the exact same framework me and my successful students use for creating a compelling 60-minute talk that not only engages your audience but also sets the stage for your sales success.

How To Create Your Own Winning Free & Paid Offers:

You’ll get a step by step breakdown of how to create a free offer to generate leads and a paid offer to start making 5-6 figures in sales every speech!



Suzanne Evans, the force behind the Speaking Career Launchpad, has amassed over $50 million in speaking revenue since 2008.

But more importantly she’s helped coach thousands of other speakers to more than $200 million in sales from the stage using the same 5-step approach you’ll get in this free mini-course.

Ready to make your mark on the stage without a huge audience, confusing technology or spending more to get less?

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