We’re giving you a stage that translates into LEGENDARY sales for your business!

Speaking Legend VIP is the fastest way to become an expert speaker because you’ll get the training, the practice, and the stage to launch yourself!

We’ll help you expand your business with speaking by:




Learning the exact methods that convert audiences into clients.

Living it with an in-depth practice session and one-on-one coaching.

Simplify your conversations so working with you is a no-brainer.

You’ll learn the skills to convert any audience with a confident talk, a clear message, and sales strategies that add more money to your bottom line THEN, we give you a stage to take it away!

Speaking is the fastest path to cash. We’re giving you the map AND the treasure chest.

Here’s why speaking works:

It’s the best way to share your message with more people in less time. 

It allows you to enroll more clients in less time.

And it takes the grind out of growing your business.

But to make speaking work, you need to know the exact formulas to make it happen- and then you need to get the gig.

Speaking Legend VIP simplifies that process.

This program is an educational experience for business owners who want to ramp up their success with speaking and get an instant start. 

We’re giving you all the keys to:

Nailing your message and point of view.

Finding the best virtual AND in-person gigs for your business.

Honing your speaking technique.

Starting a movement with YOUR unique message.

Knowing “the math” to be able to slash your marketing budget.

First, you’ll learn exactly how to craft a talk that converts, you’ll live the speaking lifestyle with one-on-one coaching and practice sessions, and finally you’ll launch your new talk on a real stage where you can make a real offer.

IMPORTANT: Speaking Legend VIP is a VIP upgrade to the Take the Stage virtual event. Entrance to Take the Stage is not included with this program. To claim your ticket for Take the Stage, please email us at help@driveninc.com or call us at 919-617-9162.

What Our Clients Have To Say….

William Holt

Life Coach

My last six months has seen over a 50% increase in my sales and more speaking gigs booked. I now have a clear roadmap and a repeatable process to more profits and exposure!

I have learned through them to unlearn what was getting in my way and Suzanne and Larry helped me see what was already there in my referrals and contacts ready. Now wherever I go socially or professionally, I just ask for the contact, for the gig, or for the personal referral to speak.

LoraAnne Reeves

Gladys Agwai

Business Strategist


Speaking launched my business from $0 to 6 figures in 14 months. I was able to build my list and become a business owner with an extended reach. Suzanne will teach you how to approach a room and speak so others will want to work with you each time.

I went from $0 to $5,000 a month in 16 months- and my business keeps growing!

I have been able to build my opportunity pipeline to close business and become more confident in asking for the business based on my value/price. I am more focused on the problem and outcome for my clients which has exponentially accelerated my sales growth through client satisfaction, renewals, referrals, and new potential engagements and clients.

STOP spending too much money trying to land clients!

With speaking, you can slash your marketing budget in half (or almost to zero) if you just know how to get in front of people and know what to say to them. The same goes for speaking gigs. You don’t need to pay for expensive engagements to share your message with the maximum amount of people. 

Who Is This Program For?

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, or a small business looking to enroll more clients, increase cash flow, and build a business that runs like a money-making machine. 

If you find yourself burning with a message, belief, or cause worth following and you want to know how to turn it into an irresistible, powerful, and profitable movement, you are a perfect fit for this program.

Speaking Legend VIP is filled with dynamic support to help you understand everything you’re learning, take massive action, and get real results from your speaking gigs.

Here’s what you’ll get:


Be a MAIN STAGE speaker in the Afterglow Event Tuesday, November 23, and walk away with a clip to use in your own sizzle reel!  ($5,597 value)

Yep, we’re giving you a speaking gig where you’ll be able to make a free offer from the stage to our audience of business owners! Dazzle the audience with your 2 minute talk, then offer them a freebie of your choosing. In just 2 minutes you’ll have ALL NEW leads (and potential clients) for your business. Plus, we’ll give you a recording of your talk so you can add it to your speaking sizzle reel!


Sizzle Real Footage  ($2,600 value)

You’ll get a clip of your talk to use in your very own speaker reel! Impress the movers and shakers with clips from your engagement at The AFTERGLOW Event!


The Speaking Solution Training Program to Build Your Brand Talk  ($997 value)

The Speaking Solution is a 5-step framework designed to help you clarify your message, kickstart your cash flow, and launch your movement. You’ll learn fast, effective ways to find your message. This digital program offers the critical steps to get you laser focused on your ideal audience and provides you with a simple, effective formula that shows you exactly what you need to reach your speaking goals.


Personal Prep Your Talk Coaching Session with A Six Figure Speaking Coach  ($497 value)

Get professional support on how to put your plan into action with a one-on-one call with a member of our six figure speaking coaches! You’ll get clarity on what’s working for your speaking strategy, what’s not, and be able to ask questions that get you closer to your speaking goals.


Coaching with Suzanne  ($997 value)

Work with Suzanne to make sure your message is clear, your offer will get you results, and get invaluable, game-changing tweaks that move your talk from good to LEGENDARY. You’ll even participate in a practice run speaker showcase, where you’ll deliver your talk for immediate feedback from professional speakers and event planners.


VIP Access to Take The Stage Event ($5,000 value)

Get all the perks when your ticket for Take The Stage is upgrade to All Access at no additional cost! You'll get extra sessions, VIP networking, express registration and more!

That's a value of over $13,000 and you land an INSTANT virtual speaking gig giving you PRICELESS speaking experience.

IMPORTANT: Speaking Legend VIP is a VIP upgrade to the Take the Stage virtual event. Entrance to Take the Stage is not included with this program. To claim your ticket for Take the Stage, please email us at help@driveninc.com or call us at 919-617-9162.

Stop leaving money on the table and become a Speaking Legend.

Over $13,000 of speaking training, one-on-one coaching, and your very own instant speaking gig…. 

IMPORTANT: Speaking Legend VIP is a VIP upgrade to the Take the Stage virtual event. Entrance to Take the Stage is not included with this program. To claim your ticket for Take the Stage, please email us at help@driveninc.com or call us at 919-617-9162.




About Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans is a six-figure speaker, entrepreneur, and NYT Best Selling author. She is the only female business coach to make the INC 500/5000 for five consecutive years in a row. She provides support, consulting, and business development skills to the over 30,000 entrepreneurs enrolled in her speaking and business building programs

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