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Case Studies

& reviews from our clients

"I went from $0 to $5,000 a month in 16 months- & my business keeps growing!
I have been able to build my opportunity pipeline to close business and become more confident in asking for the business based on my value/price. I am more focused on the problem and outcome for my clients which has exponentially accelerated my sales growth through client satisfaction, renewals, referrals, and new potential engagements and clients.




"Suzanne and her team are exactly what i've needed for some time.
A no-nonsense, step by step program that keeps me moving forward and away from those "things" that won't. Her methods start immedately with getting more clients and increasing monthly revenue. If you've been stopping, starting and not increasing your revenue Suzanne Evans and team are THE consultants you need!"



Speaker, Consultant

"I started working with driven the moment i entered the business world.
Not only is her program informative and structured, but it is also giving me actionable steps so that I can reach my goals faster. With her and her team's help, I know exactly what I need to do to be successful. What is really exceptional about her consultant program, though, is the level of accountability they have placed on me to reach my goals. And, as I am working on reaching these goals, I can reach out for help, and I know that I will get the support that I need. This results-orianted program is well worth the investment for any business owner!"



Business Coach

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