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A new social media platform pops up every couple of months or what feels like every couple days.
And the social media gurus say you have to be everywhere, on every platform, multiple times a day, with videos, pictures, links to blog posts, curating content and gaining followers, likes, and shares.
That’s exhausting.
It’s a full-time job just to keep up with it, much less use any of it.
No wonder people get overwhelmed and question if they have what it takes…
You can try to learn the social media scheduling programs – who has time to learn and tinker with that?
You may think you need to be everywhere and in front of everyone multiple times a day on social, but you don’t.
In fact, you shouldn’t.
Instead, be smart about it.
Focused, deliberate, and strategic.

Here are 4 tips to get more gigs using social:

1. Look outside your circle. – The people you're closest to are going to be essential in getting speaking gigs, but consider checking out platforms you're not active on to find speaking gigs. Meetup and LinkedIn will have options that might not appear on Google or Facebook, so try them out!

2. Troll your connections. – This is the one time it’s ok to be a troll on the internet. Get those business cards out and ask your connections from previous events where they've found success. Look for people attending the events, meetings, organizations, and clubs that you want to speak at or may be interested in.

3. Retool your message. – You want to have a strong opinion that you believe in and share it with others. As people see and hear your unique message and insight, they will want to book you and recommend you because they know that opinionated people make memorable speakers. Try to stand out and watch the attention pour in!

4. Pin down your audience. Think about who really needs to hear your message. What problem do you solve for them? People won't want be interested in your business if they don't feel like they're being spoken to. Your ideal client should always be top of mind.

When you use social media like this to get gigs, you won’t waste a lot of time tinkering with the tedious crap, with no direction and no idea if it will actually help. You can cut through all the marketing BS and directly target the people who can book you and pay you.

Bored of using failed strategies

to reach your

biz goals?



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