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Tired of Netflix yet? As cabin fever sets in, it might be tempting to take a few days, neglect your business, and veg on the couch because no one else is working… right?

No way. Do you even know me? 😉

Being stuck behind closed doors doesn't mean your business has to be. Consistent good habits will help you de-stress and keep your business top of mind for your ideal clients.

Here is a list of five activities you can be doing in your business that will keep you moving forward even during your most stagnant times.

Caution: This daily regiment causes MASSIVE growth in your business.

Do these five things each day:

1. Start strong and make your bed. Before you do anything else, get off to a perfect start by determining exactly how much money you need to make today– not this week, not this month Today. Before you get in the shower or get dressed, follow up with one of your hottest leads. Making progress before you've even gotten started feels incredible.

2. Practice three lead generating activities. Right now, people need leads more than anything else. Hold a Facebook live, a webinar, speaking virtually, record a podcast, promote yourself in a forum or do ANYTHING you need to do to reach new people to talk to about your business.

3. Make 50 calls each day. My clients hate this rule, until they do it themselves and see the outcomes that a high volume of calls can bring! Follow up with leads that you already have or make connections from the leads you've created. Don't go to bed until you've made all 50 calls.

4. Run money every day. If you're running a business, you have to be thinking about your revenue. Money begets money and action begets action. Even if it's just a copy of your book, don't go to bed until you've run a little bit of money. Your bottom line is going to be what propels you, so don't let yourself fall behind!

5. End your day with a plan for tomorrow. Before you go to sleep each night, make an action plan for the next day. For example, if lead generation was a struggle today, then you know that needs to be your priority tomorrow. You should also use this time to send ONE email you've been putting off. There's no need to push it to tomorrow. You'll feel better when you bite the bullet and take action.

If you can follow these five strategies consistently, you'll see strong, measurable growth. The last thing you want to do during this tough time is stop. Remember, you're going to be more than ok, especially with all the resources at your fingertips.

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