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Video content is winning right now in a major way. By the end of the day, you'll probably catch at least 10-12 videos in your social feeds. Did you know that videos get a whopping 12 times as many shares as text posts do?

That means it's time for you to get in on the action. Creating short video content is kind of like creating your own virtual speaking gig from scratch!

But many entrepreneurs are afraid to get in front of the camera and shoot a lengthy video.

  • You might be worried about filling time…
  • Or you're nervous you might not look as polished as the influencers you see…
  • Or you think video needs a lot of editing to catch as many eyeballs as you’d like…

But making a short, one minute video hack can catch huge results. On social media, your viewers’ eyes are attracted to movement, so even the smallest amount of video content goes a long way into making your business memorable and catching a piece of the attention economy.

Who knows, your video might even go viral and nab you a few new clients! Use these 3 tips to get started and post your first video today!

  1. Make a plan. Pressing the record button without a plan in place might be a bad idea. Before you record a video, create a catchy title to present your topic with. Topics with value perform better. For example, our highest performing videos always tell the viewer exactly what they’re going to get before they click. A great title always adds value!
  2. Include your personality. Your topic might not be entertaining per se, but that doesn’t mean you're off the hook of making an engaging video. You need to engage throughout the video to make sure people stay on the broadcast for the entire duration. Present your information and give people content, but remember to be yourself. If you can start your video with a short anecdote, it will go a long way to engaging your audience. You don’t need a long-from introduction in every video, just start with your name.
  3. Keep it simple. You don’t need the latest edition of that fancy video editor to post your video. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Often, your video won’t need any post production at all. Videos that look more casual and less produced blend in on social media because they look like something our friends would post. This means people are more likely to stop and catch your video because you look like one of their friends!

Ready to get started? Check out my 1 Minute Video Checklist here!

With the checklist, you'll see how to create quick content that commands attention, piques your audience’s interest, and gets you more followers and clients in no time!


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