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I'll admit it- it's a lot of fun being the star of the show. Since I was little, I've always loved having all eyes on me. Growing up, being in community theater and even a waterskiing team was a perfect fit because they gave me an outlet to show off a little! 😉

Pictured: Me and my trophy for said water skiing. Told you I was a winner!



Now, I get to be on stage every day, whether it's leading meetings with my team, speaking on stages across the country, and sharing as much as I can about my business online. As my business has developed, I've realized that getting attention has benefitted my business literally hundreds of times.

Attention is a scarce commodity. In a busy marketplace, you are constantly fighting for it and the fact is you only have about 6 seconds to grab someone's attention and leave a lasting impression.

It's a simple equation: when you have more eyes on your business, you'll have more potential clients. Here's a few more ways to get noticed and boost your business fast:

Speak about your business!

Start with the smallest group (about five people) at first. By putting yourself out there in front of a crowd, you're doing the best kind of marketing because you're really selling yourself. If you follow up and talk to people in the room after you've given your talk, they'll remember you even better.

Pay attention to who you're giving attention to!

Study the top influencers in your field, from their social media to their publications or even media appearances. If you have someone who you're totally fascinated by, chances are, you could do the same thing and really dazzle your audience. Don't be a ripoff, though! Put your own spin on things and develop your voice as you go. Your audience will recognize how you stand out and your distinct point of view will build your reputation as an authority figure.

Keep building!

Set a goal to introduce one more attention grabbing activity into your schedule each month. A great place to start is implementing a social media calendar- the people who have searched your business because of your speaking gigs will be able to find you quickly if you have an organized digital presence.

There are tons of ways to garner attention from your audience and become an influencer in your industry, but it's up to you to make sure you make the most of it.



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